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12th University of Palermo Summer School on Migrants, Human Rights and Democracy

11-15 June 2018 (one week, full-time, 6ECTS)

Venue: University of Palermo (Viale delle Scienze, Building 19)

Convenors: Dr. Elisabetta Di Giovanni (PhD, University of Palermo) Dr. Carrie Pemberton Ford (PhD, University of Cambridge, Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking)

Objectives and training programme: The 12th edition of the “Migration, Human Rights and Democracy” Summer School, organized by the University of Palermo – Department of Psychological and Education Studies, continues the conversation on “displaced lives and vulnerability” in the Euro-Mediterranean area, through various practical and theoretical contexts. The aim of this year edition is focused on a number of ethnographical insights of the refugees/forced migrants at the EU borders and the challenges of human trafficking and modern slavery forms. The life narratives of the refugees and displaced population, visits to the camps and the ports, experiences of various (non)governmental national and international organizations, visits to Roma camp in Palermo, along with the journalist reportage on the Macedonian-Greek border and Idomeni refugee camp, will be an essential part of the five intensive-studying days of the summer school program. By access to the situation “on the ground”, the participants will have a unique opportunity to grasp the lives of refugees and displaced population as multisided prospectus of different personal and institutional levels, and understand how they are linked to each other, and above all to the daily lives of the displaced population in the borders. Through reflecting on the processes of the subjectivity in the camp, and the negotiation of citizenship (see e.g. Minca, 2015; Pasquetti, 2015; Rygiel, 2011; Sigona, 2015; Turner, 2016); on the systems of controlled and monitored mobility that sort people along new lines of ethnicity; on practices to integration and citizenship in receiving societies, the lectures from the recognized scholars from the field will offer the theoretical support to better follow and grasp the empirical site of the school in its unique learning environment.

Download the programm and additional information here or at the website.

How to apply: Download the application form ( and send it by the 31st of March, 2018 to In the subject of your email please write “Migrants, Human Rights and Democracy Summer School 2018 – University of Palermo.” Selected participants will be notified by the 7th of April. You will be expected to confirm your attendance and send payment receipts by the 30th of April.

Bursaries: We are currently seeking to provide 10 bursary places – provided by our co-host CCARHT to enable the participation of those who are either working directly with those in migration in an NGO capacity – or are currently seeking Asylum in Europe. If you believe you are in this category – please be in touch with with a 300-word proposal of interest and a basic CV. We look forward to assisting you with your attendance and being in touch.